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Code Crusader 6.4

I’ve started using Chef, which forces me to use Ruby, so I added syntax hilighting for Ruby into Code Crusader.

Add comment July 29th, 2013

JX 3.0.0

We finally have a new release of the JX Application Framework.

This will probably be the last time we release a source tarball. From now on, we will simply continue to update the github repository.

Add comment April 4th, 2011

Daily Comics

Daily Comics is finally available as a web application for tablets (iPad, etc.) and smartphones (iPhone, etc.):

Add comment February 24th, 2011

Code Crusader IDE 6.1

Code Crusader 6.1, Code Medic 3.1, and NPS Subversion Client 1.0.2 are available. This is a free upgrade for users of Code Crusader IDE 6.0.

Add comment October 13th, 2010

Code Crusader IDE 6

Finally! Code Crusader 6.0, Code Medic 3.0, and NPS Subversion Client 1.0 are available. Discount offers will be mailed to everybody who has purchased previous versions.

Add comment April 25th, 2010

Ubuntu Package Repository

Our free software is now available from a debian package repository. Add the following to your package configuration:

deb karmic/

Most package managers provide an easy way to add this. If all else fails, add it directly to /etc/apt/sources.list.

Note that our packages are not signed, so you will get a warning when you try to install them.

Add comment April 20th, 2010


We have a twitter account: newplanetsw

Add comment October 6th, 2009

Code Medic on Mac OS X

After months of thinking and scheming, it looks like I have finally fixed Code Medic to work with gdb on OS X. This removes a major blocker for the upcoming release.

In their infinite wisdom, Apple chose to dramatically rewrite the existing MI2 interpreter in their version of gdb instead of creating a new interpreter. Apple’s version does not block while the program is running, but it does refuse to execute most commands, and there does not seem to be any way to change this behavior. In addition, Apple’s version does not push notifications of state changes, e.g., hitting a breakpoint. The net result is that it’s very hard to know when Apple’s gdb will accept a command without constantly pinging it — and that’s what I ended up doing.

I only discovered this after rewriting Code Medic’s gdb module to use MI2. Not that I regret it — MI2 output is much easier to parse — but finding out that it completely broke Code Medic on OS X was not a happy discovery. And you cannot simply download the gdb source and compile it, because it will refuse to compile on OS X! So I had to do it the hard way and put in some extra code that only executes on OS X. The gdb module is a tricky beast, so it took a long time to figure out the right way to modify it, but I’m happy with the result, because the diff is actually quite small!

Add comment September 30th, 2009

Debian Packages

I finally have debian packages building correctly. In the process, I also developed scripts for installing and uninstalling from the tarball, so if you don’t like either RPM or Debian, you can still put the files in the standard locations by unpacking the tarball and running sudo ./install.

Add comment September 21st, 2009

XDND for Files

It’s been a sore spot for a long time that some early implementations of XDND file dragging did not include the hostname in the URL’s. Since these were influential implementations, it was politically impossible to update them. I finally found a clever way around this: use the hostname from WM_CLIENT_MACHINE on the source window. I have added a paragraph to the spec to explain this.

Add comment September 10th, 2009

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